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Your new home 
inspection specialists

Our detailed snagging reports make sure you get the new home you've been dreaming of

Expert snagging for your new home.

Exact Home Surveys are here to ensure you get the new home you deserve. During the warranty provided by your developer they are legally obliged to fix any defects found on your property.

Our detailed snagging report will give you the peace of mind that snags no matter how small or well hidden are found by us and corrected by your developer, so that you don't end up covering the cost of repairs once that warranty expires.

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Why Exact?

Exact Home Surveys is made up of Ex site management who have worked on numerous award winning housing projects and know what it takes to build right.

Our in depth survey format makes sure nothing will go unnoticed when snagging your new home 

When is best?

Although your developer is obligated to fix any defects found within the first two years, it is always best to get a survey done as soon as possible.

This way they can be rectified quicker and your developer cannot put the issues down to general wear and tear of the property. 

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