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Frequently asked questions...

What is new build snagging?

When should snagging be done?

As a new build home owner you will have a warranty from your builder where you can report snagging items for the first 2 years. Certain developers will allow a snagging inspection before completion but failing this it is ideal to have it done as soon as possible. This way your builder will be able to rectify any defects caused or left from the build process quickly and cannot put the issues down as general wear and tear of the property. 

Can I do my own snagging?

Anybody can conduct their own snagging survey. However, choosing to use a professional is always advised as they will have a wealth of knowledge from their experience knowing what to look for and specialist equipment such as thermal imaging camers, drones and borescope inspection cameras

How long does it take to receive my snagging report?

All surveys are sent to our customers withing 48 hours of the inspection taking place.

What be included in my snagging report?

New build snagging is a process where defects and issues are identified in your new home. These are items that have been missed or left by your developer that need to be rectified. Having a professional snagging inspection done can give you peace of mind that your new home is up to the standard that it should be.

Our detailed snag report will have a picture of each snagging item accompanied with  annotations and a write up of its location, what is required and which trade should rectify the issue. We also include a written cover letter of an overview of the findings during our inspection. You will also have access to your snagging inspector should you have any questions or queries regarding your snagging report or general questions after the inspection has been conducted.

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